We want to provide education to children and youth in western Sierra Leone. Our goal is to build at least one primary school per year and a secondary school (from grade 7) every five years. At the same time we take care of these three areas:

  • Equipment and maintenance of schools (furniture and school materials),
  • Providing schoolchildren with food (agricultural projects and bakeries),
  • Improvement of medical care.

You will find the project locations at the bottom of this page.

The schools

Forikolo-Schule-ProjekteIn 2006 we completed our first school in Forikolo, a village in the region of Loko Massamma. Since then we have built 17 schools in the region of Loko Massamma. Attend schools …

Agriculture projects

AgrarprojektAfter the village of Forikolo and the surrounding area were no longer supported by the World Food Program of the United Nations with food, the students did not come to the schools because they did not receive food there. That’s why we launched agricultural projects. With our agricultural projects, we want to ensure that the kids in our schools get one hot meal a day.

In the village of Forikolo a model farm was created, which is now managed by the whole village community. Check out our agricultural projects …


Forikolo-Baeckerei-ProjekteIn 2008 we built the first bakery in Forikolo. In the eight bakeries we have built, the output from our agricultural prjocets is being processed The baked goods ensure the nutrition and increase the income of the population. At the same time, young people from the area receive vocational training there. Visit bakeries …

The hospital

Forikolo-Klinik-ProjekteMedical care in Sierra Leone is inadequate. There are about 5.3 million people, which means there is one doctor for 30,000 patients. In the project regions, there is no running water and few toilets, which increases the risk of disease. A lack of power and equipment of the infirmaries complicates the treatment of patients. That’s why we have been involved in the medical sector since the severe Ebola epidemic in 2014/2015. Visit the clinic …

Please support the construction of our next school in Tintafor!

Schüler der Gemeinde Tintafor, Foto: Thomas Puschmann
Students of the Tintafor community, photo: Thomas Puschmann
In 2017 we want to build a school for the children in Tintafor. Currently the municipality has rented a house for the lessons which is too small for the 300 students and has no furniture. Please support us with a donation to build this school!

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